Industrial Refrigeration Equipment for Hire in the UK   by Mark Alexander

There is currently a huge choice of storage chillers, freezers and all manners of equipment, related to the freezing and cold storage of product.  Some of the more popular kinds of refrigeration units include; catering cabinets, multi-deck chillers and Coldrooms.

Catering cabinets come in a variety of formats to include storage freezers and chillers.  They can be used in a wide range of catering environments both in static and mobile situations.  Frequently constructed of stainless steel for durability they can also vary in size from a small scale freezer, found in a local shop, to a major piece of equipment that you might typically find in a wholesale food manufacturing process.  Where fast chilling and freezing of product is required a blast freezer is a further catering cabinet option.  These are used when it is necessary for rapid cooling and freezing of product in order to preserve taste and texture of food and to prevent cell damage. Blast freezers have an additional advantage of storing product at an extremely low temperature and therefore further inhibiting bacterial growth.  Other kinds of blast units include soft blast and hard blast chill units.  These are used to bring product down from relatively high temperatures, from as much as +90ºC, down to temperatures just above freezing.

Coldrooms are used where it is necessary to chill or refrigerate a large quantity of food.  They are a walk in facility that can be used in a commercial kitchen where easy access of large quantities of product is required.  Coldrooms can be positioned with the condenser either built in, or externally fixed away from the food preparation area.  The choice, with regards to this, would depend upon what considerations were deemed to be necessary with relation to noise and heat.  Obviously a larger installation would be more likely to have an externally fixed condenser.

Multideck chillers are primarily used where visibility is required in order to facilitate direct customer purchase.  With mutideck chillers the temperatures remain above freezing.  These open fronted chillers are seen in all supermarkets and most shops, and used to store product such as cans, bottled drinks, sandwiches and other fresh foods.

What ever the requirement of refrigeration or freezing, the next major decision is whether to buy or lease the equipment.  On a long term basis outright purchase can often make good economic sense.  However, there are circumstances where entering into a rental or lease agreement would make perfect sense.  The rental of refrigeration equipment can assist with keeping start up costs of a new business to a minimum, and it also ensures an operator is able to use the very latest and most reliable of equipment. Other advantages of rental equipment include; flexibility when equipment is only required over short time periods, reduced storage problems for the times freezers or refrigeration units are not required, and reduced or zero maintenance costs.  Within the UK and Ireland there are many reputable companies offering such rentals of freezer or refrigeration equipment. Currently, operators in Ireland are offering highly competitive rates, and most are able to both deliver, and offer maintenance of equipment within the all parts of the UK.

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